The Man with the Golden Gun Corkscrew Jump

1973, Thailand. With 8 cameras rolling and ambulance crews, divers and cranes standing by British stuntman Loren “Bumps” Willard drove an AMC Hornet at a wooden ramp at 40mph executing one of the most daring and memorable stunts in cinematic history. A 270 degree barrel roll across a narrow river. Willard was paid £30,000 for pulling off the stunt in a single take.

The US racing driver Jay Milligan conceived the stunt and even performed it in 1972 at the Houston Astrodome in an AMC Javelin, christening the stunt ‘The Astro Spiral Jump”. Milligan contacted the Bond producers with the stunt who promptly protected it preventing it appearing in any other preceding films. Milligan was the stunt driver in the AMC Hornet for the other scenes of the film but was called away from filming before performing the Corkscrew Jump. 15 AMC Hornets were used in filming with 2 set aside for the Corkscrew Jump.

The Stunt is credited with being the first to be computer simulated. The software had been developed by  Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory for use in a road safety applications. More information can be found on this here. 

Computer Simulation and AMC Javelin Footage of the Stunt

Real Time Footage of the Golden Gun Stunt Filmed by a Crew Member

The Final Cut (complete with some ‘choice’ sound effects)


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